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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
When I first purchased the book I thought I was a type B because that is what my fatheris. One month after I was following the type B plan I took my daughter to be tested andwas tested myself. That is when I discovered I was an O. I have only been following theplan for 1 week, but can tell even a bigger differance than before. Even though I am notan O just by leaving off most of the wheat and dairy foods I lost about 15 lbs. in one month.I really only need to lose about 15 more lbs., s ...
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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Geriatric | Effect: Significant
I have had significant weight loss and loss of body fat. My muscles are stronger and I have more stamina. My skin tone and texture has changed for the better: I am more acidic and cannot use the alpha hydroxy acidds so popular in cosmetics.

Type: A | Gender: Male | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
Since using erfybt, and a spirulina drink in the mornings called pure planet meal containg ( spirulina, organic sprouted barley, amla berry, soy lecithin, ester c, rasberry and strawberry flavoring.i have lost 15 pounds and my energy level is very high. i am extremely impressed with the life style change. good luck in your efforts and keep up the good work.

Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
From the time I can remember, I have suffered from excruciating stomach ache and muscle pain through out my body. As a youngster, my back muscles were under developed and I could not hold my back up straight until I reached my pre-teens. I was given excersises to perform to strengthen my back muscles, which were effective in developing the muscles, however, I continued to be riddled with pain. I just learned to live with the pain. As I began having children, when they got to a certain ...
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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
I had almost given up on losing weight - Several of my patients showed me your book and a friend insisted I read your "Cook" book. She even brought it to me - I read it in one day and it made a lot of sense so I tried it. Boy am I glad I did -I am eating MORE than I had been eating and the weight is still coming off. -I know that I am eating healthier too. Thank you! Dana

Type: B | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
my physician told me about your book and gave me a printed summary of the dos and don'ts. I have tried for 8 years to lose weight since I quit smoking. Now I understand that all of the "weight watchers" meals have chicken/ and or / pasta. No wonder I couldn't succeed. I have lost 30 pounds since January 1 and best of all, I don't feel deprived. My rings actually fell off my fingers, and I have joyfully needed to get a new wardrobe since all of my clothes are now too big. There are so m ...
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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
I was having so many digestive problems. Starting going to a gastrologist who had me start eating all the "healthy foods" grains, yogurt and to eliminate all meat. I went back because as I told him "These healthy foods are killing me, I don't understand it" A friend of mine recommended reading the book and trying the diet. What a change!

Type: B | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
I have been involved in complimentary medicine since 1969. Ihave done many different diets and I know a lot about herbs being a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. With all that I know and have tried. I still have had migraines for 22 years. I ate the blood type diet for 6 days and my first period came. I had the first period in 22 years with out a migraine I did get a bit of a headache, but it went away and did not become a migraine. I have now had my second period with out a migraine. ...
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Type: AB | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
I follow the diet about 80%. Try not to eat any foods from avoid list. But eat alot of neuterals. Have not had a headache since changing diet.

Type: O | Gender: Male | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
I am truly amazed at this diet. For many years I was a vegetarian (with an admitted tendency towards overindulgence) and discovered in my late 40's I had achieved a weight of close to 200 and a cholesterol level of 299. I went on a fat-free diet for a year and lost 30lbs immediately but continued with a high cholesterol count of 240. I then found the blood type diet and being an "O", followed closely the diet. After a year, my cholesterol actually went down a couple points. I was amaze ...
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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
A friend gave me the book to read - it makes sense, and while I DO NOT follow fad diets, there was much in this diet that rang true. Particularly since I have been lactose intolerant for as long as I can remember. I've been on this for three weeks, feel good (just had my blood pressure taken today when I stopped in the doctors office to give blood for my thyroid levels - I see the doctor on the 20th - my blood pressure was 130/80 - as my weight went up my blood pressure did a little, b ...
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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Young | Effect: Significant
I used to get extreme gas, bloating & pain. Since following the diet for a mere 2 weeks, i lost weight and no longer experience bloating.

Type: A | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
i feel great!!My whole family is seeing positive changes in weight loss, digestion and energy levels.

Type: B | Gender: Female | Age: Young | Effect: Significant
I found that the list of foods that are beneficial for my type were the ones I actually preferred. The foods that I should avoid, I never liked. Also the "avoid" foods did not agree with me and messed up my digestion.

Type: A | Gender: Male | Age: Young | Effect: Significant
I've found that I've dropped an enormous amount of chronic muscular tension in the last 10 weeks since I started the program, which has resulted in better sleep and a clearer head.I've also experienced, like many who post to the web forums, a drop in weight. I didn't desire this initally, since I'm 5'8" and only weighed 126 to start with. I dropped to 117 and then stabilized there.My appetite has improved and for the first time in a long, long time I know what hunger is, as opposed to ...
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