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Questions About Lectins

Vegetable Gums and Lectins

Vegetable gums modify lectin hemagglutinability.

Acta Cient Venez 1992;43(5):312-4

Melito C, Levy-Benshimol A.

Arabic gum enhances lectin hemagglutinability. The more glycosylated the lectin, the greater the stimulatory effect of the gum. Evidence presented suggests that the interaction between gum and lectin is of a carbohydrate-carbohydrate nature.

Many naturopaths have recognized a relationship between the intake of vegetable gums (such as gum arabic or carrageenan) and the severity of inflammatory bowel diseases, such as colitis and irritable bowel disease. The ability of many gums to increase the activity of dietary lectins provides a possible link to this relationship.

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