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Blood Type and Flouride

Genetic markers of occupational susceptibility to fluorosis

Med Tr Prom Ekol 2001;(7):30-3

Danilov IP, Protasov VV, Lotosh EA, Luzina FA.

To determine markers showing propensity to occupational fluorosis, the authors studied prevalence of ABO, Rh, MN, ABH and Lewis phenotypes, systemic rhesus haplotypes in 229 workers engaged into aluminum production. Propensity to occupational fluorosis was marked by P (+), O (ABO) phenotypes. P (-) phenotype appeared to be a marker of resistance to fluorides exposure. The results obtained could be useful to forecast probability of fluorosis and to better this disease prevention.

Flourosis (excessive fluoride intake) can occur when the amount of flouride in drinking water exceeds drinking water 8 ppm (parts per million). According to its own proponents, fluoridation is responsible for about 40% of all fluorosis. True dental fluorosis rates and its corresponding severity is probably under-estimated in the population. This study implies that blood group O individuals may well want to be extra wary about using flouride based products.

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