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Type A and Ear Itch


I'm a Type A. Have had persistent stomach problems over the past 6 years. Your blood type diet has been my only true source of relief from my symptoms. Thank-you! Have also experienced a chronic inner ear itch & fingernail fungus. Could food be the cause? What is your recommendation?


There is evidence that group A individuals are more prone to fungal infections of the skin over the other ABO groups.(1) This also extends to non-secretors as well.(2) This probably results from the fact that many fungal organisms have agglutinins on their surfaces with blood type specificity. (3)

In practice I've found that simple olive oil used in the ear works well for stubborn ear itch due to yeast or fungus. You could add a drops of expressed garlic oil or tea tree oil to jazz it up a bit if you wish. The nails are more difficult. Some people have done well with consistent applications of white vinegar twice daily, and/or Tea Tree Oil and the adoption of open toe shoes with frequent change of stockings. In general, following diet for your blood type (in your case the A diet) does produce long-term improvement, but it is slow.

1. Balajee SA, Menon T, Ranganathan S. ABO blood groups in relation to the infection rate of dermatophytosis.Mycoses 1996 Nov;39(11-12):475-478

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