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I'm confused. In your book ER4YT, you stated several times that O's live longer. Now I'm reading that B blood individuals attain more advanced age. I have found much of your work to be contradictory, Why?


You make it sound as if that were a bad thing. A lot of data is contradictory; that is just one of the delightful aspects of science, and especially the science of epidemiology. That is what distinguishes science from other intellectual pursuits. The study (1) that I was aware of much earlier, looked at elderly Italian doctors and concluded that there is an excess of group O. This other study (2) asserts that it is group B that is longer lived was just one that I came across much later. Which is correct? It is hard to say, since the indigenous diets may or may not fit the profile diet for that type as I recommend it.

1. Jorgensen G. [ABO blood groups in physicians of 75 years of age. Further evidence in favor of little more fitness on the part of subjects with blood group O]. Minerva Med. 1974 Jul 14;65(54):2881-6.

2. Dworsky R, Paganini-Hill A, Arthur M, Parker J. Immune responses of healthy humans 83-104 years of age. J Natl Cancer Inst 1983 Aug;71(2):265-8

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