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Larch For Kidney Failure


My wife has been diagnosed with kidney failure (around 13% functional according to tests) and I wanted to know if your diet program would be of any help to her condition. If you can't help us do you know of anyone who can give us helpful information. She does not desire a kidney transplant or dialysis.


Dietary lectins have been shown to increase antibodies against the kidney glomerulus (the filtration device used to detoxify the blood). Thus following the Blood Type Diet can help prevent this since it does minimize exposure to foods which may contain lectins capable of doing this.

Another interesting idea is to use certain types of dietary fibers to help eliminate certain poisons that can build up in a person with compromised kidney function. Larch arabinogalactan (ARA6) has been studied with regard to this. The researchers tested the hypothesis that dietary fiber, by inhibiting colonic bacterial ammonia generation and increasing fecal nitrogen excretion, might decrease hepatic urea synthesis and thereby reduce plasma urea in patients with chronic renal failure. Larch arabinogalactan decreased mean plasma urea in uremic subjects by 11% over 6-8 weeks. They concluded that "The reduction in plasma urea caused by dietary fiber is likely to be due to inhibition of colonic bacterial production of ammonia; such therapy could conceivably alleviate some of the symptoms of uremia and postpone dialysis in patients with endstage renal disease."

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