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Peyronie's Disease


Do you have any evidence that eating the incorrect diet can cause Peyronie's Disease? If so can the problem be reversed by correct eating for my blood type?


Peyronie's disease, a condition of uncertain cause, is characterized by a plaque, or hard lump, that forms on the penis. The plaque develops on the upper or lower side of the penis in layers containing erectile tissue. It begins as a localized inflammation and can develop into a hardened scar.

Peyronie's disease often occurs in a mild form that heals without treatment in 6 to 15 months. But in severe cases, the hardened plaque reduces flexibility, causing pain and forcing the penis to bend or arc during erection.

Because the plaque of Peyronie's disease often shrinks or disappears without treatment, medical experts suggest waiting 1 to 2 years or longer before attempting to correct it surgically. During that wait, patients often are willing to undergo treatments that have unproven effectiveness.

Some researchers have given men with Peyronie's disease vitamin E orally in small-scale studies and have reported improvements. Similar success has been attributed to oral application of para-aminobenzoate (PABA), a substance belonging to the family of B-complex molecules.

An analysis of the world literature shows surprisingly a 75% improvement by vitamin E therapy and almost a 60% amelioration by p-aminobenzoic acid. (1)

I've also told patients to take the pineapple enzyme bromelain, which helps digest scar tissue, 250mg away from meals twice daily. This has also helped about 60% of the patients.

A search of MEDLINE disclosed no ABO blood group distinctions.

1. Wagenknecht LV, Meyer WH, Wiskemann A. [Value of various therapeutic procedures in penile induration]. Urol Int. 1982;37(5):335-48.

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