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Credentials Of Anthropology Sources


Pursuant to you answer regarding the anthropology sources you've used to build your theory, a naturopath on another website, attacks your sources, specifically Mourant. He argues that he "has read some bad anthropology, but this was especially bad." What is your response? PS: lost 25 pounds on O diet since January, so I could care less about whether this doctor disagrees with you or not. Keep up the good work!


First understand that this gentleman is a proponent of his own way of eating (veganism for everyone), so he is not impartial. Since the recommended blood type diets sometimes recommend high protein, he has a problem with that. Personally I find his opinion of Mourant disturbing.

You decide:
  • Mourant, Dr. A.E. MA, D Phil, DM, MRCP
  • Serological Population Genetics Lab, St. Bartholomews, Fellow 1957, 1977
  • Director, Serological Population Genetics Laboratory.
  • Medical Officer, Galton Lab, Serum Unit, Cambridge 1945-46;
  • Director, Blood Group Reference Lab, Ministry of Health and MRC 1946-65;
  • Honorary. Senior Lecturer in Haematology, St. Bartholomews Hosp. Med. Coll. 1965-77
  • Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, Chelsea Bridge Rd. 1957;
  • Society for Study of Human Biology (Vice President 1960-63);
  • Human Biology Council 1987
  • Publications:
  • 1954 The Distribution of Human Blood Groups
  • 1958 The ABO Blood Groups, Comprehensive Tables and Maps of World Distribution
  • 1959 "Human blood groups and natural selection", Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology, v. 24, p. 57
  • 1963 Man and Cattle. (ed. jointly)
  • 1978 Blood Groups and Diseases
  • 1983 Blood Relations: Blood Groups and Anthropology

All of Mourant's works were published through Oxford Unversity or Cambridge University Press. In addition, he was a direct protege of Ronald Fisher, whose work used mathematics to combine Mendelian genetics and natural selection, and which resulted in the theory of evolution known as the modern synthesis. I have no link to Mourant, other than that he is a reference source of mine, but to question his pedigree is just silly.

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