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Lycopene Without the Tomatoes


I want to know what a good source of lycopene is, since tomatoes are forbidden on the A diet.


It should also be remembered that tossing a tomato into your salad is not going to give you all that much lycopene. Tomatoes have a very high water content, so not surprisingly you only find high concentrations of lycopene in tomato paste. You also find large amounts of tomato lectin in tomato paste.

Research confirms that lycopene from tomatoes is absorbed much better into the bloodstream if it is first processed.

OK, now for the good news: Lycopene is found in a number of other foods in addition to tomatoes. Let's take a look:



Micrograms lycopene

per 100 grams

Tomato paste, canned




Watermelon, raw


Grapefruit, red*




Tomato, raw


Apricots, dried


Rosehip puree


There is some evidence that Texas Red Grapefruit has the highest lycopene content of all commercially available grapefruit. As you can see from the chart, raw tomato does not place very high.

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