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Uric Acid In Colon From Meat Diet


I have been reading some information by a group that advocates an all or mostly all raw vegetarian diet. In telling of the ills of meat they mention the build up of uric acid in the colon which will eventually lead to disease. I am a type O. Will a type O have this problem with uric acid.


You can read nutritional information of virtually any opinion on essentially any subject. Remember, that is the power of our polymorphism paradigm: It allows us to filter out the excessive rant of 'cure all's' and further reductionist statements.

A quick check of MEDLINE showed no studies indicating that a high protein diet in appropriate circumstances (i.e farm raised, chemical free meat) led to any rise in uric acid levels in the intestines. On the contrary, there is actually more speculation that low uric acid levels may be associated with higher risks for cancer (1) although even this has been disputed (2).

I suppose if you ate a diet of exclusively of meat you could theoretically raise your intestinal level of uric acid, but that diet is impossible to consume, and the vegetables and fruits abundantly found in the type O diet themselves modulate levels of urates and uric acids (3).

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