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Blood Groups and Longevity


Does any one blood type have a history of longevity superior to the others?


This question has not been looked at with any degree of exactitude, but two studies did show a slight increase in life span for those individuals who were type O (over type A). Whether this is the result of any genetic link or simply the result of the fact that the modern hi-fat diet, hi-stress lifestyle is inherently more poisonous to type A over type O has not been determined. In any case, the studies are on small numbers of people and have not been replicated.

One older study looking at different rates of longevity between different nationalities saw the rate as being influenced by the percentage of type A in the population. They stated that:

"Innumerable influences of various types can cause diseases, primarily the high incidence of certain tumors in old age, climatic influences, overeating and malnutrition, and furthermore abuse of coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol, medicines and insufficient movement. It can be assumed that wherever blood group A is prevailing the genes of blood group A constitute a factor. The impact of the blood group genes varies as a function of the underlying disease, the effectiveness of the exogenic factors and the general constitution of the individual patient."(1)

Another study of Italian dentists showed a higher incidence of type O among those who lived beyond 75. (2)

Remember that these are populations that have done no interventions such as diet or lifestyle modification. By following ER4YT, most type A's can be expected to better the odds considerably.

1. Kinner B, Sauer I, Ries W. [Preconditions for attaining advanced old age]. ZFA 1981;36(2):111-6

2. Sturgen P, Beller S, Bates E. Related Articles Study of blood group factors in longevity. J Gerontol. 1969 Jan;24(1):90-4.

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