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What if I don't respond?

If, after three to six months of eating right for your type, you are not healthier or losing weight, there are several options to explore:

If you are Type A or AB, you may be one of the less common subtypes of those types. There are subtle differences in the diets, mostly relating to amounts and proportions of foods. There is little data currently available, but it may be of benefit to get one of the refined blood tests currently available. Please contact the Foundation if you would like further assistance and would consider being participant in a study. Keep a detailed food log noting everything that you ingest and all symptoms of illness as you notice them. It is possible that you are eating hidden avoids or have an immunological sensitivity (allergy) to a particular food that is supposed to be beneficial for you. You may consider an IgG food allergy test, even though these tests have a very high rate of error. You may wish to explore other systems of eating.

The key is to realize that if you are not getting healthier, then you should accept responsibility, and be willing to change something about your lifestyle to continue the facilitation of your healing.

Fortunately, result outcomes indicate that the program is effective in about 9/10 individuals. Pretty good odds!

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