Covid-19: ‘Nothing to worry about here. Just wash your hands.’

Covid-2019: 02/19/20

We’ve got this thing under control. That’s why we’re building 19 more hospitals.

China announced it will build 19 more field hospitals in Wuhan. That doesn’t make any sense when they keep saying this is slowing down.

Mama Mia!

Italy orders mass closures after coronavirus cases quadruple. Officials ordered schools, public buildings, restaurants and coffee shops to close. The emergency measures come as a cluster of new COVID19 infections emerged, including some who had not been to China.

‘Nothing to worry about here. Just wash your hands.’

U.S. CDC calls coronavirus a “tremendous public health threat,” says future human-to-human transmission in the U.S. is ‘very possible, even likely.’

And in other news.

Japan: many infected children
Italy: six patients are in serious condition; all six are around 40 years old
Iran: total chaos. If surveillance missed importation there have been several doubling times to let grow the epidemic there

In poop.

‘53.42% of the patients tested positive in stool. 23.29% of the patients remained positive in feces even after the viral RNA decreased to undetectable level in respiratory tract.’

Reinfection possible?

Whistleblowing physicians working in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, revealed that medically cleared patients have been getting reinfected. It also seems that the reinfected cases appear to be sicker than the initial infection but this may be the result of the cardiotoxic drugs given as antivirals during the first infection

Tests are not great.

According to the BBC and other media outlets, some laboratory tests are incorrectly telling people they are virus-free. There is also anecdotal evidence of people having up to six negative results before being diagnosed correctly.

IMHO: Start prepping.

Start thinking about laying in supples for a 2-3 week self quarantine, especially if you have current illnesses and/ or are 55+ years of age. The CDC is already formulating plans that involve school closings and other limitations on public gatherings. There are many websites that can provide guidelines and suggestions. Here’s the deal: Economists never predict a recession. Leaders never predict losing a war. WHO will never say we’ve lost control. You really have to inform yourself and make your own decisions; and you have to be a little crazy, as the song goes.

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    Please send COVID-19 related updates and immune system updates (BloodType O) if possible!

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    Many thanks for all that you do. That is for me and all the “o”s

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