Where have you been?

I’m sorry at I’ve not been more diligent and consistent in my Covid-19 reporting. The situation since my last post has been ever-evolving and fluid, and quite frankly I haven’t felt that I had the necessary expertise to comment in anywhere near an authoritative manner.

I’ve opted instead to moderate a science-based Facebook Group, ‘Journal Club with Peter D’Adamo’ This group has over 3,000 members, many from the science community, although well-behaved laypeople are more than welcome. All information shared is from evidence-based publication or reliable media outlets. Membership is open to all, all we ask is that members help us try to keep this place a safe spot where high value information can get to people in a timely manner. Thank You!

I recently did a podcast/ interview with Dr. Tina Kaczor, Editor of the Natural Medicine Journal in which I discuss how blood type may be relevant to the apparent variable outcomes of infection with the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.  You can listen to it here.

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  1. E T Gwynn Reply

    To check zinc levels requires a requested addition to the common blood panel.
    Individuals of an age require zinc supplementation. Having found “ionophore” I looked it up and found quercetin, an easily found supplement. Adding zinc at the 50mg level daily went for several months until a blood panel was requested by my Doc for other reasons. The requested zinc levels were provided as well and I fell within the range of “enough”. I am 78.

    This article provides facts you can use. Do your own research. Recall that India, Cameroon and other African states that routinely use hydroxy for malaria prophylaxes have much less infection of C19 than those which do not.

  2. Christy Zeeff Reply

    Love this interview! Dr D’Adamo, I am an A neg, I believe anon-secretor (ordering my secretor test now). You mentioned that non-secretors may be connected to autoimmune function and summer of this year, I was diagnosed w/Hashimoto’s, then in Oct. of this year I was just diagnosed with Shulman’s Disease-Eosinophilic Fasciitis a rare skin tightening condition with only about 1,000 cases worldwide. Do you have any information on further reading I could do in this area? Thank you for all the work you do & I bought your Blood Type book back in ‘99:))), although I’ve been on & off the wagon, ha ha!!!

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